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For decades, the restaurant industry has suffered from high turnover rates, due to low wages and the lack of employee benefits.

While health and dental insurance, along with retirement plans have been far-fetched ideas, the owner of one San Francisco bistro is bringing change to the forefront. Jennifer Piallat, owner of Zazie and one time waitress, understands the plight of the restaurant worker and has taken controversial steps to keep her staff on board and happy. Piallat has added a surcharge of $1.25/person on all checks, which is stated on every menu, in order to provide her staff with full benefits.
Regardless of their title, each staff member receives full health and dental insurance, paid sick leave, and is offered various 401(k) plans.

Have you taken any steps to incentivize your staff to build their careers at your establishment? What are your thoughts about adding a surcharge to help provide employee benefits? How do you think your patrons would react?

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RestaSO-Restaurant-sign 2urant owner James Chu was fed up! Last week when a patron refused to pay for their meal, James decided to put an end to picky clients and took action. His response was to essentially tell fussy eaters 'You don't like it - go elsewhere!' is a thought any chef has had in their career...but this guy did it! He certainly has gained a lot of publicity and has created quite a firestorm on social media, with people chiming in favor or against Chu's action.

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