Author, speaker, chef and restaurateur Ryan Gromfin shares these 6 Restaurant Owner Mistakes are costing you the money, the freedom and the joy you deserve in your business and your life.

Mobile Marketing for RestaurantsLove 'em or hate 'em, Quick Response codes (QR codes) are still relevant, until the next technology comes along and replaces them, so let's look at a few ways your restaurant can use QR codes to improve the customer experience and improve your bottom line!

Provide a QR code to your nutritional facts
Since this can take up much-needed space on your menu, it makes sense to post any nutritional information for individual dishes onto a mobile-friendly website. The site can list nutrition facts for each item, beverage and dessert. This is useful not only for those watching their calries, but also for those with food allergies.

Record a video of a signature dish being prepared
While it is understandable to protect your "Secret Sauces", you may want to consider sharing one with your patrons. It is a powerful marketing tool to record one of your popular dishes being prepared and then posting it on your restaurant's YouTube page. It is super-convenient for your patrons and builds a sense of good will and between them and your restaurant. Added bonus: They can bookmark the QR link and even share them with friends, who will learn about your restaurant.