Monday, 15 August 2016 11:55

The Changing Role of Foodservice

pic food servicesFoodservice really isn’t foodservice. In the recent past, as the name implies, foodservice operations simply provided food as a service to their customers, whether that took the form of a restaurant, a cafeteria, patient feeding, etc. Today, however, executing that menu represents but one small ingredient in a foodservice operation’s recipe for success.

Consumers’ expectations for foodservice have never been higher. They demand transparency, locally sourced ingredients and customization — and that’s just the first course. Today’s consumer expects high-quality food. That’s become rather ubiquitous. What they demand, though, is an experience in which food is part of helping them live the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed.

EyesHave you ever gone back and forth while trying to decide what type of pizza you want?

If you have, Pizza Hut has come up with a way to give you customized recommendations for your perfect pizza – and it only takes 2.5 seconds. The pizza chain is giving customers in the United Kingdom a look at what it calls the “subconscious menu.” It’s a tablet-based menu that tracks patrons’ eye movements while looking at a variety of toppings on the screen.

Of the 4,896 possible pizza combinations, the menu will recommend one based on the topping or toppings customers looked at on the tablet screen the longest.

“This menu innovation really is ahead of its time,” a Pizza Hut spokesperson said.