King & Prince Seafood® - Food Truck Sensations - Save $500

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. Monday May 01, 2017
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Thursday Aug 31, 2017
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Saturday Sep 30, 2017
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food truck - serving King & Prince Seafood


Street fare is driving menus everywhere. But you don’t need a food truck to serve inspired, creative, streetstyle food everyone will love. Made with quality ingredients and natural flavors, King & Prince® Sensations® lets you create delicious, profitable, versatile, and healthy menu applications, on and off the food truck.  SAVE UP TO $500 WHEN YOU STEP UP & ORDER SENSATIONS®!

  • $10 off per case*: Lobster & Seafood Sensations®
  • $15 off per case*: Crab & Scallop Sensations®

* minimum rebate: $30 / maximum rebate: $500

August video: Korean Seafood Rice Bowl
Korean Seafood Rice Bowl
July video: Crab & Seafood Fry Bread
Crab & Seafood Fry Bread
June video: Scallop & Seafood Huevos Rancheros
Scallop & Seafood Huevos Rancheros
May video: Lobster & Seafood Waffle Slider
Lobster & Seafood Waffle Slider