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Thursday, 09 August 2018 10:27

Lobster, From Poor Man's Protein To Delicacy

lobLobster, a tasty crustacean, was not always known as such.

Once deemed as the poor man’s protein, lobster was thought of as trash food. It was used to feed poor people, indentured slaves, and prisoners, as well as fed to pigs and goats - even cats. Lobster were plentiful and cheap.

As time went on, lobster, around the 1940s and 1950s, began to shake its “poor” reputation. Its deliciousness was starting to be discovered by people of all classes, as they indulged enthusiastically.

Now, viewed as a delicacy, lobster is up there with the likes of caviar. Just as the popularity of burgers drives traffic to restaurants, seafood does the same - namely lobster.

 It has the number one draw out of all seafood species, including crab and shrimp. 62% of the time, consumers are likely to request lobster if offered on a menu.  

Further, 63% of consumers consider seafood as a healthy food choice, which is great for niche establishments and those with seafood options on the menu.

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