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food plate restaurant eatingSummer has arrived! It’s time for decorative patios; fruity, slushy cocktails; smoky grills; and dogs and burgers. And seafood!

Referring to a wide array of marine edibles, seafood has play and integral role in nearly every culture’s dining tradition. Not only that, the global seafood market is predicted to reach $155 billion by 2023, according to Statista.

Additionally, 72% of consumers view seafood as important to their health. Of the same consumers, over 80% are willing to pay more for seafood that is certified as responsibly sourced (

From swordfish, shark, octopus, and eel to snails, mussels, lobster, and crabs, this summer is gearing up to offer plenty of seafood trends.

Now that we’re on the cusp of the first day of summer, which is Thursday, June 21st (in the Northern Hemisphere), what are you doing to “wow” your diners? Have you already tweaked your menu OR are you in the process?

In any case, below are a few seafood trends to consider as summer rushes upon us.

#1 - Seafood boils are known to be in certain areas of the U.S., but that is no longer. This summer, seafood boils could be a fan favorite. As a restaurant, it’s your time to show off your seafood-variety chops. A great summer go-to, don’t feel confined to the typical corn, potatoes, shrimp, and crawfish – don’t be afraid to experiment other vegetables, shellfish, and fish.

#2 - Wild-caught fish and seafood continues to out shadow the once popular farm-raised. When it comes to purchasing seafood, 70% of consumers say their decision is heavily based on knowing where and how their seafood was sourced ( Our advice, know your audience – if the demand for wild-caught items is there, don’t ignore it.

#3 - Seafood and cheese make a perfect marriage. Yes, combining the right kind of cheese with the right kind of seafood is daring and remains a slight taboo. The key is to remember that you still want the delicate flavor of the seafood to shine through; all while the cheese balances the dish. KP Scallop Sensations Biscuit Sandwich 1190x542

#4 - Along with adding cheese to a few dishes, fruit will also awaken the palates of your seafood-loving customers. Just think – pineapples, passion fruit, mangoes, or guava infused with clams, halibut, shark, or shrimp.

#5 - Storytelling will be your friend. Consumers care about their food – how it was raised, which provides a huge opportunity to hook your customers through teaching. Highlight the stories of your seafood suppliers; ensure that your servers are well-versed on the seafood selections on your menu. This will help them answer questions and address the concerns of your customers. Take the initiative and share stories of how you sourced the seafood on the menu or your practices once inside your restaurant.

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