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restaurant alcohol bar drinksOver the past few weeks, we’ve shared info about King & Prince’s latest seafood rebate and how it can be used to enhance your menu during Lent, catering to observers.

Today, we want to speak to seafood, Lent, and engaging 80 million millennials, who continue to shape the food industry, and possess aspending power equaling nearly $200 billion.

Due to their constant use of social and digital media, millennials are one of the most informed consumer groups, as they demand real-time, consistent information about the goods and services they’re interested in purchasing. 

When it comes to restaurants and dining out, millennials eat out more than any other consumer group, and bring along their purchasing power. Not only that, they happily engage with their favorite establishments beyond the dining room.

Check out a few facts from Technomic and Prepared Foods 2016 about this special group, regarding seafood consumption. This and more are included in King & Prince’s new toolkit e-book, designed to help you menu more seafood and capture the millennial generation. 

  • Once a week, 61% eat seafood for dinner.
  • 30% eat more seafood during Lent.
  • 67% consider and choose seafood as a healthier option.
  • 62% are looking for more seafood varieties from restaurants.

This presents a unique opportunity for restaurants to gain the trust of millennials, during Lent and thereafter.

The e-book also contains tips that will help you get millennials through your doors and keep them coming.  

We’ll look at a few below:

  1. Engage them while they’re dining in your establishment. Ask for opinions about your menu, specific entrées, or even ask the for rewards ideas.
  2. Ensure your restaurant information and any communication is up-to-date across all platforms – website, social platforms, review platforms…Also, make sure your website is responsive, having the ability to render correctly, no matter the type of device used.
  3. Provide value by offering deals and running promotions, starting with King & Prince seafood deals. 

It doesn’t stop there. For more menu tips and advice from King & Prince chef Johnny Carino, download your free toolkit, and receive a special double down coupon (save up to $1500 on popular King & Prince seafood products) as a gift. 

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Represent your Region Header A tight deadline is fast approaching for Barilla's "Represent Your Region" contest, but there's still time to enter!

Any U.S. chef can enter the contest for a chance to represent their region by completing the online entry form and submitting it by Feb. 17th.

Those selected to move forward and compete will receive a shipment of Barilla pasta to explore and create an original, regional recipe entry.

Completed recipes must be submitted between Feb. 22nd - March 17th, and will be judged on creativity and presentation.

Winners have the opportunity to receive the following:

  • Chef Garden veggie boxes (semi-finalists)
  • Handmade NORA knife courtesy of Barilla (finalists)
  • A coveted spot on Barilla's annual Modern Casual retreat, taking place at Farmer Lee Jones' Culinary Vegetable Institute in Ohio. (grand prize winner)

Put your region on the map by entering today!

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lent17Starting March 1, 2017, millions of people worldwide will begin observing Lent, a religious tradition starting 40 days before Easter.

Although people celebrate as they see fit, one of the most common practices is abstaining from meat and meat products on Ash Wednesday and all Fridays during Lent.

Instead of meat, many opt for the protein of the sea – fish.

While there are many religious and historically related reasons why observers eat fish during Lent, we’ll focus on the nutritional aspects and its versatility.

Fish (and seafood), also referred to as ‘brain food’, is loaded with high-quality protein, vitamins and minerals, which are vital for a healthy functioning body. Fish is also generally low in saturated fats and in total calories.

Additionally, fish is a very flexible food, as it can be prepared the following ways:

  • Cooked by poaching, grilling, frying, baking and steaming.
  • Cured by pickling, smoking and marinating.
  • Eaten uncooked (sashimi).

In thinking about preparations, as a restaurant owner and/or chef, you should be on getting ready for an influx of requests for fish and seafood entrées during Lent.

This means tweaking your menu, just a little, to accommodate your Lent-observing customers.

Here at Foodservice Promos, we understand the task of changing a menu, so we’re here to help! We have an awesome rebate offer from one of the largest seafood companies in the United States - King & Prince Seafood. Can anyone say, “perfect timing”?!

Save up to $750 on King & Prince’s broad seafood portfolio, including but not limited to, shrimp, fish and calamari. To download this offer, login to your account or sign up for FREE. This offer ends April 30, 2017 (must be postmarked by May 31, 2017).