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4769Aside from those who are allergic, who doesn’t like seafood?

It’s not only versatile and nutritious; it’s profitable as well. An article, published in The Guardian last year, stated that there was an influx in demand for seafood with sustainable certification, accounting for 14% of the global market.

Additionally, the global sustainable seafood market grew ten times faster than the market for conventional seafood, hitting $11.5 billion in retail sales.

Any way you look at it, seafood is and remains a popular choice for palates around the world. With that said, let’s take a look at a few 2017 trends, some of which are very interesting.

1. Seafood towers get a facelift.
Away with the traditional iced-drowned oysters, crab that has the texture of rubber, and mediocre cocktail sauce. Chefs are creating seafood towers loaded down with more offerings, including bowls of tuna poke, clams and lobster with pasta shells, salmon roe, and more. Not only will the seafood be delectable, so will the display.

2. People continue to take a vested interest in their health this year.
According to Whole Foods, consumers will embrace more personalized versions of healthy, “flexible” diets that are less rigid. At the top of the list is pescetarianism – one eats a vegetarian diet while adding in fish and shellfish.

3. Salute to Sardines
2017 will be the year of sardines. High in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and umami flavor, sardines are rising in popularity. A few brands from Portugal are re-branding the old SRG17SnackinSardinesEmbeddedimage of sardines, and adding interesting flavors and smoked varieties in the can.

4. Fish eggs are on the upswing.
Caviar has trickled down to the everyday foodie. This trend not only helps diversify the consumption of seafood, it also helps with food waste. Consumers will see everything from salmon and trout roe to herring roe on menus this year.

5. An emphasis will be put on recycling and reusing.
This year, we will see an uptick in innovative “food” companies that are solely focused on creating products from byproducts (edible and non-edible). Companies, such as Iceland Ocean Cluster, are researching and looking into methods for retaining and finding uses for fish and shellfish byproducts.

2017 has just begun, and as it moves along, we’re sure to see more exciting and inventive seafood-related themes and trends.

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