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President Logo with tagline BLACK 72DPIThis is the perfect time of year for restaurants to catch the attention of diners, both new and old. The holiday season brings friends, families, and colleagues together for celebratory parties, gatherings, and dinners, which is advantageous for restaurants.

While serving traditional holiday entrées is the norm and much appreciated, more people look forward to indulging in dessert because
“it’s the holidays!” It can be the highlight of the meal.

And what better dessert than CHEESE! Yes, dessert cheese plates!

As their popularity continues to soar in the U.S., more and more restaurants are adhering to the trend, by adding an array of cheese plates and accouterments to their menus.

Did you know…?

According to Dataessential, cheese plates have a menu growth rate of 47%. In other words, adding cheese assortments to your menu is almost a no-brainer.

People will make room to indulge in dessert if it’s a communal effort and there are others to pick up the slack. According to Technomic, 43% are inclined to share desserts.

If you’re tempted to add dessert cheese plates to your menu, but don’t know where to start, we’ve got your covered.

Président Cheese offers great tips and wonderful cheese plate recipes your patrons will be sure to love.

For starters, there are two general pairing rules:

Dessert Cheese Plate 72DPI min

-       Milk chocolate pairs well with sweet, buttery cheeses like Brie

-       Darker, less sweet chocolates pair well with aged, complex cheeses

Now, on to pairings and your menu.

Président’s chef, Warren Katz suggests the following crowd-pleasing dessert cheese plate pairings:

  • Président Goat Cheese, which is a soft, smooth, dense cheese is ideal to start off a dessert cheese platter. Pair the goat cheese with a milk chocolate cranberry
    bark, sprinkled with cocoa power to complement the tangy flavor.
  • Président Triple Crème Brie is a rich cheese with a buttery flavor and a velvety texture. Semi-sweet chocolate infused with orange liqueur is the perfect accompaniment to the Brie.
  • Président iSTARA P’tit Basque is a sheep’s milk, semi-hard cheese with a surprisingly creamy texture. It combines perfectly with semi-sweet chocolates. Chef Katz advises pairing the P’tit Basque with a semi-chocolate mousse topped with basil, which has just enough bitterness to offset the tartness of the sheep’s milk.

For more pairing ideas and a great visual, take a moment to watch the Président’s Dessert Cheese Plate video.

Whether serving Président’s smooth, buttery Brie or more complex cheeses, offering dessert cheese plates has the potential to increase your revenue, as well as impress and attract new diners.

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krabby tostadaMost Americans associate lowering temps with the holidays, namely Christmas and New Years.

And when we think about holidays, we think about celebrating with our family and friends – gatherings, parties, and family dinners filled with fun, laughter, and lots of food.

Essentially, this is a great opportunity for restaurants to lure diners. The combination of the holidays and cold weather tends to make people want to be inside, inside of your restaurant.

This creates the perfect conditions for restaurants to tweak their menu, and elevate their patrons’ holiday dining experience by introducing tasty unique food items.

Seafood is just the answer.

krabby grilled cheese

According to Statista, 62% of American diners consume seafood in a causal dining restaurant at least once a month. Furthermore, 36% of U.S. customers are completely satisfied with seafood options in U.S. casual dining chains.

A delicious blend of real snow crab, seasonings, premium seafood, fresh cream and real butter, Mrs. Friday’s® Krabbycakes are versatile, easy to cook, and lend to severaldifferent appetizers and entrées.

If you’re looking to experiment with your menu, try King & Prince’s specialty seafood product, Mrs. Friday’s® Krabbycakes.

For instance, present your diners with the healthy Unbreaded Krabbycakes Tostada appetizer; a crunchy Tostada shell topped with grilled corn and black bean salsa, avocado, and Unbreaded Krabbycakes.

krabby skewers

Another dish your diners will be sure to love is an old favorite with a new twist, the Krabbycakes Grilled Cheese. This entrée presents a bit of nostalgia and satisfies the comfort food craving we all experience during the colder months.

Let’s not forget about another fan favorite, skewers. The Fried Krabbycakes Skewers with pineapple, mango, watermelon, and red bell pepper is a great appetizer.

While these dishes are a stray from the traditionally served glazed ham and yams, seafood has the ability to become the new mainstay at holiday parties and dinners.

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