The Excitement Surrounding Brie

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brie spring image 500x333Named for the region in north-central France where it was first created, Brie is said to be cheese royalty. 

With its rich and velvety texture, buttery-soft interior that oozes at the peak of ripeness, and its edible white rind, Brie is becoming ever so popular, especially in America - this trend has also spread to fresh cheeses like feta and ricotta, and ripened cheese like camembert. 

According to Foodservice Director, “Americans are getting a little more adventurous in their purchasing and we are seeing a huge increase in demand for soft cheese.” That said, Brie is showing up in fine dining restaurants, quick service restaurants, and in homes. 

From utilizing Brie on croissants and fruit skewers to pizzas, sliders, and galettes, a variety of Brie selections are found on breakfast, lunch, dinner, and appetizer menus. Not to mention, dessert menus.

In fact, Brie has seen a 5% increase on QSR menus, from 2016 to 2017, per Datassentials latest report. 

Additionally, more and more home cooks are exploring the use of Brie, aside from serving it at stuffy dinner parties and brunches. No longer does Brie have to be pigeonholed to a specific use; experimentation is allowed and encouraged! 

Speaking of exploring, we have a few favorites that we’d love to share with you.

Now that warm temps are here, it’s time to entertain. Spring and summer are made to hang out with family and friends, while enjoying good food. Below are a few videos that may pique your interest, as well as your excite your palate.

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