Brie for Breakfast?

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pres spring1In France, brie is considered a breakfast cheese, and is most often served on fresh baked bread or a croissant.

In the US, brie is used in breakfast dishes too, but less often. Here you’ll find brie commonly used on sandwiches. Over 30% of brie’s usage is in hot or cold sandwiches, while 6% is used on a fan-favorite - the burger, according to Datassentials, MenuTrends 2017.

Brie is used about 15% of the time on appetizer menus, most commonly, as a baked or grilled brie. Other brie-laced, delicious options on menus are omelets, pizza, and cheese plates

Brie is one of the most renowned French cheeses in the world, packed with intense flavor and is extremely versatile, especially those crafted by Président®. With its bloomy rind, soft-ripened texture, and mild to fruity flavor, it can be paired with various fruits, crackers, charcuterie, or even nuts. 

If all of this has gotten you in the mood to experiment with some new items on your menu, check out two of our favorite Président® Brie recipes below. Both are as delicious as they are easy to create.

Brie, Ham, & Fig Sandwich


4 slices Sourdough Bread, toasted

4 tbsp. Fig Preserves

1/2 lb. Cooked Ham, thinly sliced

1/2 lb. Brie, thinly sliced

Arugula leaves for garnish


Spread 1 tablespoon of fig preserves on each piece of toasted sourdough bread. 

Distribute ham and Brie evenly among sandwiches. 

Melt Brie slightly under broiler for 2–3 minutes. 

Serve garnished with Arugula leaves. 

Grilled Brie with Saba & Plum

Brie Sandwich Closeup 72DPI


1-8 oz. package Président® Brie Round

4 whole thyme sprigs chopped

2 whole shallots cut in half

1 whole clove, garlic

1 whole plum sliced

1/4 cup Saba vinaigrette for drizzling

1/4 cup Olive oil for drizzling

1 tsp. black pepper

1 tsp. salt

1 whole baguette cut into ¼, inch, thick slices


Grill Brie on medium heat for 3 minutes on each side.

Place Brie in cast iron pan.

Top with garlic and plum slices. Drizzle olive oil and saba on top. Add pinch of black pepper and salt.

Bake in oven at 450 °F for 10 -12 minutes.

Serve with grilled bread.

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