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During Lent, may restaurants likely experienced increased sales due to seafood selections. Now that the Easter holiday has come and gone, things may look a bit dim, but they don’t have to.

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Just because Lent has ended does not mean people have stopped liking seafood. With many varieties of fish and shellfish readily available, as well as vast flavors, seasonings and preparation styles that suit any palate, people continue seeking seafood options when they dine out.

Therefore, keep seafood top of mind all year long!

Below are a few suggestions to help you keep diners interested in seafood beyond any holiday or observance.

  • Make seafood part of your menu story: Make your diners feel like they cannot get the same entrees anywhere else. Achieve this by printing special inserts for your seafood creations and promotions. Or, if permissible, experiment with descriptions, ingredients, and pricing on existing menus.
  • Keep seafood special: Why stop offering specials after the Lent observance? Stick with the highest grossing entrees during Lent or consider new varieties to increase curiosity. To create urgency, offer weekly specials or LTO (limited time offers).
  • Play up the health benefits: Fish is an extremely healthy protein alternative. It’s a great choice for diners looking to decrease saturated fats in their diets, as well as cut calories. Further, it’s loaded with vitamins and minerals such as omega-3 fatty acids, as well. On your advertisements and through marketing, make a point to push the nutritional aspects.
  • Take advantage of the versatility of fish and shellfish: From grilling to poaching, fish and shellfish can be prepared in so many ways. Additionally, it can also be presented almost anywhere on the menu, from salads and sandwiches to appetizers and sides.

Crispy Southern Flounder 075711 1192x542Seafood is simply delicious. Don’t be afraid to experiment, as there are many varieties of fish and shellfish to choose from. Keep the momentum going from the Lent holiday and tempt your diners with new and exciting seafood dishes.

Now go and get started!

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