Président Brie's Money-Saving Holiday Offer, Just In Time For Christmas and New Years

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PB sept 26 whiteWinter is here, and it’s ushering in with it, cold temps and the urge to eat comfort foods. Not to mention some of the most entertainment-filled holidays – Christmas and New Years. 

This is the perfect time for restaurants to prepare for gatherings, parties, and celebrations. It’s also a great time to exploit those distinctive winter flavors we love so much, like peppermint, apple, ginger, and citrus.

How to do this, you might ask. Assess your menu - tweak and/or add relevant, seasonal food items. Also, review your historical data. You may find a few “best sellers” that are worthy of being repeated.

It’s a festive time, as people, your guests, prepare for Christmas and New Years parties. This means you have to accommodate them by offering tasteful, accessible, and seasonally consistent foods. 

After all, holiday parties are about good food and good company. There’s no time for heavy, “sit down” foods and entrées. Your guests are likely walking around and conversing with others so convenient, informal options are key.

Your offerings should include hors d’oeuvres and finger foods such as, various dumplings with dipping sauces, flavorful croquettes, mini pies stuffed with meats and seasonal vegetables, and mini burgers and sliders. 

Your guests may also enjoy an assortment of cakes and rolls (ie. potato and scallion cakes, spring rolls) topped with savory sauces, appetizing skewers, variations of bruschetta, and seafood like, shrimp, scallops, and oysters.

Let’s not forget cheese plates!

Yes, cheese plates and accouterments, such as fresh fruits, jams or compotes, nuts, pickled vegetables, and condiments are a huge hit among partygoers. 

Did you know, since 2007, cheese plates have a menu growth rate of 47% (Source: Datassential MenuTrends October 2017)? This means that adding cheese plates to your menu, especially during the holiday season, can boost your bottom line, attract new diners, and impress your regulars. 

If you’re ready to execute, get started with Président holiday cheese selections. Experiment with the European cheese plate, in which Président Brie is accompanied by apricot preserves. According to Président corporate chef, Warren Katz, “the apricot preserves have just enough acidity to cut though the richness of the brie and gives a nice contrast to flavor.”

Click here for more delicious European-sque pairings featuring Président cheeses. 

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