Président Cheese: Yes, Brie Can Be Paired With A Variety of Foods

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President Logo with tagline RED 72DPIBrie, one of the most renowned French cheeses in the world, is versatile and packed with intense flavor, especially those crafted by Président Cheese.

With its oozy soft interior and tasty rind, some cheese lovers prefer to eat Brie as is, with crackers, apples, or use it as an ingredient in a recipe. But, pairing cheese with other flavors can go so much further.  

Oftentimes, cheese is thought best to be paired with wine, while foods such as, nuts, starches, proteins, and vegetables are sometimes an afterthought. But food can heighten anyone’s experience with his or her favorite cheese – in this case, Brie. 

When pairing foods with cheese, the goal should be to highlight, equally, both elements. In an ideal world, the flavors should accentuate rather than overpower the cheese itself. Likewise, cheeses shouldn't overwhelm what you choose as accompaniments.

If you have some Brie on hand and want to step out of your comfort zone, check out Président Cheese’s Brie Pairing chart below and live a little. Your customers will thank you! 

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