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restaurant-690569 960 720Let’s face it, running a restaurant (or any kind of food business for that matter) in the 21st century, means going beyond managing inventory and making sure the look of the wait staff is uniform.

It means taking advantage of technology. It means keeping an eye on food-conscious, customer review sites, being bombarded with data and analytics about any trend you can think of, dealing with brand ambassadors, and offering services outside of your likely comfort zone. And it doesn’t stop there. Don’t forget about your employees. Now more than ever, there is a greater demand for “work-life” balance.

Again, welcome to the 21st century!

In order to run a successful restaurant, you’ll simply need to add certain activities to your to-do list. Two being, trying to understand the diners you serve and being creative and open-minded in your efforts to gain their trust and consistent business. As you may have noticed, the word ‘millennial’ has been left out. This is because millennials are not the only generation reaping the benefits of what technology offers the restaurant space. Diners of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds rely on technology to guide their dining choices.

It may sound daunting, but it’s up to you, the restaurant owner, to embrace the digital revolution. Below are just a few implementations and “nuggets” of information to keep in mind when thinking about enhancing your business and your brand.

1 – Because food in and of itself has become such a trend. Diners are looking for a blow-your-mind culinary experience. The foodie revolution has arrived and there is no end in sight, which means, if your establishment has the capacity, you must take chances. Not only are diners more adventurous, they are also mindful of the quality of food being served and are becoming well-versed in regards to food ingredients. Be prepared to answer specific food-related questions.

2 – Social media is one of the most important vehicles when it comes to communicating with your diners. Remember, it’s your brand we’re talking about. Diners have no second thoughts about sharing their dining experience via social media. They share their likes/dislikes, recommendations, and photos with ease. As a restaurant owner, keeping your social profiles up-to-date is a great start. Additionally, it’s a good idea to think of social media as a direct communication line, as it allows you to assess what your customers are saying and be the first to address any issues that may arise. Or, respond to any praise. The takeaway here is to encourage diners to share; it will make your job a little easier.

3 – Speaking of social media, if you have a brick and mortar establishment, consider offering free WiFi. This plays into the overall culinary experience. Aside from mobile phones, it’s not uncommon for diners to pull out a tablet or even a laptop. This means, you must meet your diners where they’re at. They could be conducting a business meeting, studying for an exam, writing an on-the-spot review, or simply browsing “the net”. In any case, WiFi is necessary; it will not go unappreciated.

4 – Consider offering a delivery option or even a food truck version of your restaurant. Convenience is the key word. At any given moment, diners want to have access to their favorite restaurants and food. Whether they are ordering their choice of entrees via their mobile device or standing in line at a festival, diners don’t see anything wrong with this expectation.

5 – One of the most important assets for any business is its employees. It’s a known fact that the restaurant industry suffers from high turnover rates. Value your employees. And yes, this will vary per establishment. This could mean offering competitive salaries and benefits, creative perks, or unlimited professional development…It could also involve acknowledging an employee’s birthday, greeting them with a smile, or making time to discuss their dreams and aspirations. A little goes a long way.  

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