The great pumpkin tops this season’s craves

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PUMPKIN CRANBERRY BASH cropped  2As the weather begins to hint at autumn, your customers start to hunger for comforting, hearthside flavors reminiscent of reunions and feast tables.

In fact, says QSR magazine, fall flavors are showing earlier than normal. “They’re popping up across the industry, even before the season has officially begun.“

Fall food and beverage flavors lean heavily on pumpkin, caramel apple and apple. According to Lizzy Freier, editor at foodservice consulting firm Technomic, Pumpkin is clearly dominating"...

To take advantage of the seasonal cravings, seasonal menu mentions in the top 500 chains doubled last year, according to Technomic’s MenuMonitor, primarily because seasonal flavors work so well in competitive traffic-building LTOs.

August through November last year, the country’s 250 largest chains introduced 105 pumpkin-themed limited-time offers, more than twice as many as the 45 apple items, according to Technomic’s MenuMonitor as reported by Bloomberg Businessweek.

Stay in the forefront by making sure you have pumpkin (and apple) desserts on your menu this fall.

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