The future is then. Please your customers with nostalgic desserts.

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Comfort3The forces that shape the dessert landscape---sharing, individual sizing, artisan, bar desserts, new flavor combos---enter the market, make an impact and evolve or move on. But one market trend seems to always be there to hang its halo on favorite desserts-nostalgia.

The favorites that people grew up with are selected over and over again. Flavor & The Menu says consumers equate classics with comfort and that familiarity builds trust. It is one of the reasons you cannot go wrong with dessert options like that include classics like OREO®. In fact, according to Datassential Menu Trends, OREO® is the #1 brand on dessert menus* and has roughly 3 times the menu penetration of the next most popular brands. (Read more)...

So when planning your dessert menu, make sure to include options that include classic, nostalgic brands…your customers will be delighted!

OREO® and AMERICA’S FAVORITE COOKIE® are registered trademarks of Mondelēz International group, used under license.

*June 2013 datessential MenuTrends

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