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Author, speaker, chef and restaurateur Ryan Gromfin shares these 6 Restaurant Owner Mistakes are costing you the money, the freedom and the joy you deserve in your business and your life.


Monday, 15 August 2016 11:55

The Changing Role of Foodservice

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pic food servicesFoodservice really isn’t foodservice. In the recent past, as the name implies, foodservice operations simply provided food as a service to their customers, whether that took the form of a restaurant, a cafeteria, patient feeding, etc. Today, however, executing that menu represents but one small ingredient in a foodservice operation’s recipe for success.

Consumers’ expectations for foodservice have never been higher. They demand transparency, locally sourced ingredients and customization — and that’s just the first course. Today’s consumer expects high-quality food. That’s become rather ubiquitous. What they demand, though, is an experience in which food is part of helping them live the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed.

GettyImages 508065691 1600x1067

There is a trend in restaurant design that you might’ve noticed, but never questioned. It seems that more and more new ones are opting for a paired down, more raw look–almost to the point where they look like they’re halfway done. A few key similarities: exposed light bulbs, brick walls, and steel details. Some offer a quirky feature, like a surprising approach to the bathroom, but those are mostly reserved for eateries where the aesthetic is more conspicuously-designed.

Industry experts think that this industrial style has less to do with trying to be cool and more to do with economics. Restauranteurs are converting spaces that at another time might not have been given a second glance. Rolf and Daughters, an up-and-coming restaurant in Nashville, used to be an old textile mill. Fearon Hay recently completed a similar project in...

National Restaurant Association study maps the restaurant industry technology landscape.

Roughly four in five operators agree that technology can help make restaurants more productive, increase sales and provide a competitive advantage, according to data from a study released by the National Restaurant Association. Conversely, half say technology also makes the customer experience more complicated.

“This research highlights the importance that user-friendly, streamlined tech solutions play in creating an innovative restaurant environment and that closing this divide will be a priority for the industry going forward,” said Annika Stensson, director of research communications for the National Restaurant Association.

Thursday, 28 July 2016 10:53

Restaurant Food Cost Saving Ideas

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Author, speaker, chef and restaurateur Ryan Gromfin shares three cost-saving ideas that you can implement
immediately after watching this video. These tips can save you money instantly and have a huge impact on your bottom line!


Wednesday, 18 May 2016 12:23

Foodservice Manufacturer NRA Special

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Time once again to experience all the activity, excitement and progress that draws 63,000+ foodservice professionals from around the world each year to NRA Show.

Every year there are new opportunities and new challenges in the restaurant, foodservice and hospitality industry. The NRA Show is where ideas take shape and deals get done. And every year, the Show delivers products, services, education and inspiration around the topics that matter most.

Whether you're a chain, an independent, a retailer, a non-commercial operator or a manufacturer—from the U.S. or abroad—you have the same charge: develop and deliver a foodservice experience that customers will love at a cost you can sustain.

To help do our part in keeping costs low, we are announcing a NRA Show Special for Foodservice Manufacturers who want to expand their reach and grow their base of independent operators. program combines content and social marketing to reach over 1,000,000+ foodservice professionals with your rebate or promotion and completes the process with a fully automated redemption process on the back end. Our cost-effective program drives targeted, qualified and engaged independent commercial and noncommercial foodservice professionals to your offer!

Announcing our 2016 NRA Show Special…the starter marketing program for manufacturer rebates at the ridiculously low price of $499/mo...PLUS ONE MONTH FREE!

Show Special

*Valid until June 30th, 2016

To place your promotion into the hands of new operators and reach upwards of One Million independent owners/operators, call or email John Kallerup @ 612.747.2448 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


watch-create-rebateRich, consistent and well-balanced, Filippo Berio has taken extra strides to make it easier for operators to offer their premium extra virgin olive oil. Filippo Berio Culinary Selection® introduced new, ultra-convenient, “EVO to Go” portion packets adds distinctive flavor and healthful nutritional benefits to multiple, single-serve menu applications.

From dine-in to take-out, Filippo Berio Culinary Selection®'s newest condiment packets are uniquely made from the first cold press of the olives and are ideal for a broad range of menu items. Additionally, the packets can be served alone or along with other condiments, and have no waste or "mess" associated with condiment stations or large bottles.

Another major benefit offered by Filippo Berio Culinary Selection® “EVO to Go” packets, besides being more healthful, is the versatility. Within the hospitality vertical, the packets are fitting for any segment from colleges and universities to healthcare facilities and all takeout and catering operations. Taking advantage of this offer is a no-brainer.

Be sure your professional operation is prepared by taking advantage of one or all of our featured rebate offers from Filippo Berio Culinary Selection (expiring in May). This awesome rebate has a minimum purchase of five (5) cases of Filippo Berio Culinary Selection brand products and a maximum value of $1500. Also included is a FREE autographed copy of Hero Food, written by Chef Seamus Mullen (with 5-case minimum) featuring more than 100 recipes by the award-winning NYC restaurateur, and three-time semi-finalist for James Beard Foundation’s Best Chef NYC.

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CaptureSandwiches are one of the most popular food items in America. Legend has it, the term "sandwich" came from John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, an 18th-century English aristocrat. Because Lord Sandwich enjoyed gambling, he demanded his valet to prepare his food in a way that would not interfere with his games. His valet presented him with meat tucked between two slices of bread. In turn, Lord Sandwich was able to eat his food and continue gambling, all without using a fork or getting his hands greasy.

First appearing in American cookbooks in 1816, sandwiches became a go-to, and remains as such even today. In every corner of the world, in every restaurant establishment, and on every menu, there is a"favorite" sandwich. This leads to Restaurant Hospitality's 4th annual 'America’s Best Sandwiches' contest. It's easy to enter. If you have an outstanding sandwich that your customers cannot resist or an award-winning sandwich, then simply enter your sandwich details and upload a hi-res photo, and you're all done. The rest is left up to the RH editors, who will secretly visit your establishment to see if your top sandwich is worth all the hype.

The submission deadline is April 8, 2016. The winners in each category (10 total) will be showcased in the June RH issue and on

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mccain logoHere at Foodservice Promos, we love sharing valuable operator rebates with our followers. Today, you're in luck. We came across a 'limited time' free case offer for the crispy, craft beer battered Brew City products. 

Brew City is an extremely popular and sought-after McCain Foodservice brand made with 100% premium craft beer. This not only helps to maximize the crispness, it also offers the beer flavor so many people look for and love. As a food operator you want to ensure that you're delivering the best menu items to your customers and this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Brew City offers tons of beer battered products, including but not limited to, onion rings, french fries, zucchini slices, cheese curds, and onion pearls.

Check out the video below and take advantage of this limited time, free case offer from McCain. Lastly, don't forget to register at (if you haven't already and it's FREE) and visit regularly to download valuable rebate offers.




Technological advances have single-handedly moved business forward. More and more, businesses within the restaurant/hospitality, quick service restaurant (QSR)/delivery, and retail sectors are popping up everywhere. One of the main necessities for these businesses is a POS or ‘Point of Sale’ system, which affords operators full control over their establishment’s ongoing operations. In essences, it is the establishment’s lifeline.

Unbelievably, 63% of the thousands of hospitality operators interviewed in the survey by Software Advice indicated that they still do not have a digital POS system. Instead, they continue to opt for using a combination of hand-written tickets and receipts, traditional cash registers and a stand-along credit card terminal.

In order to clear up any confusion, a POS (point of sale) system is an inventory software and hardware system, typically including one or more computers, cash registers, order and receipt printers, as well as other accessories, used to obtain a customer’s payment information for the sale of goods or services.
CaptureMoreover, installing POS systems offer other powerful benefits way beyond handling the payment process, including, but not limited to:

• the ability to analyze inventory levels on an item-by-item basis and calculate when you need to reorder
• the ability to monitor changes in unit dollar costs and analyze in-depth sales data
• the ability to maintain a sales history to help adjust buying decisions for purchasing trends
• the ability to capture orders, record data or display and/or print tickets
• the ability to optimize scheduling with labor monitoring
• help improve customer service with guest check management

The chart below will give you a better idea of what a top-notch POS system offers. These are the features and benefits included in LYDIAN’s POS system.


While installing a POS system might seem like a hefty expense, the functionality it provides is well worth the investment. It's an advantageous approach for operations of all sizes to save time and money, as well as gain confidence and a competitive edge. For more in-depth information about LYDIAN POS systems and other powerful merchant services, complete the contact form on the Foodservice Promos (FSP) website, and a LYDIAN representative will gladly follow up.

Keep in mind, all FSP members will receive an additional 5% discount on LYDIAN Merchant Card Services. If you're still not a registered FSP member, registration is FREE. Not only will you receive the LYDIAN discount, you will also have access to countless manufacturer and supplier rebates, discounts, recipes, and merchandising kits on products and brands you use every day, in one central online marketplace.