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King and Prince, and Foodservice Promos are celebrating seafood during the entire month of October! 

Aside from those looking for protein alternatives, many people simply love seafood, whether fish, oysters, or crab. It’s deliciously healthy, versatile, and a great addition to any menu. 

Furthermore, adding seafood items to your offerings can add a new dimension to your guests’ dining experience, attract new diners, as well as boost IMG 5648 Edit 1192x542profits. 

If you’re ready to “spruce” up your menu, there’s no better time than now to head over to and download two fantastic King and Prince rebate offers - both worth up to $500. 

The first rebate, specifically in celebration of National Seafood Month, will save you up to $500 on a variety of seafood items, including fish, shrimp, crab cakes, calamari, and Mrs. Friday's® items. This rebate ends November 15, 2017 (must be postmarked by December 15, 2017). 

The second rebate will save you up to $500 on the original Mrs. Friday's® Krabbycakes® - a succulent blend of premium crab cakes, real butter, fresh cream, and real snow crab. Krabbycakes® lend to a variety of creative menu ideas, such as Krabbycake® Grilled Cheese, Krabby Waffle Benedict, and Fried Krabbycakes® Skewers. This rebate ends December 31, 2017 (must be postmarked by January 31, 2018). 

To take advantage of these valuable offers, log into your Foodservice Promos account at (or sign up for FREE) to access the downloads. 

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Krabbycakes Junior Mrs Fridays 057983 1192x542In celebration of National Seafood Month, October is a time to shine the spotlight on sustainable fisheries, their economic benefits, and the health benefits offered by eating a diet rich in seafood. 

The U.S. has some of the largest, most sustainably managed fisheries in the world, and we’re the global leaders in sustainable seafood.

There is no doubt that our fisheries provide recreation for our costal communities, but they are also big business. 

Our economy, as well as recreational and small-scale tribal fishermen, and large-scale vessels depend on our fish supply to make a living. According to, as of 2015, fisheries contributed $208 billion to the U.S. economy and supported 1.6 million jobs. 

On another note, when it comes to our diet, seafood provides a wealth of nutrients. Not only is seafood a source of high-quality protein, it’s rich in vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, and it’s low in saturated fats. All which play a role in brain development, cardiovascular and immune health, and the development of strong bones. 

Now that you have a short background of the “protein of the sea”, what are you waiting for? October - National Seafood Month - is here! It’s time to add a few seafood selections to your menu or tweak your current menu to offer new entrees. 

Head over to and grab our latest King & Prince rebate. 

Save up to $500 on the original Mrs. Friday’s Krabbycakes®, crafted with a blend of of real snow crab meat, fresh cream, real butter, seasonings and premium seafood. Whether baked or fried, Krabbycakes® are sure to be a great addition to your menu. 

To take advantage of this valuable offer, log into your Foodservice Promos account at (or sign up for FREE) to access the download. 

This OFFER ENDS December 31, 2017 (must be postmarked by January 31, 2018).

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FSPheaderFacebook2Are you an independent commercial or non-commercial foodservice operator? Do you oversee the purchase of food and food-related products for your own business or for an employer? Do you use or are you interested in having access to quality manufacturer rebates that will save you time and money on your next purchases (and all future purchases)?

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Friday, 08 September 2017 08:59

Foodservice Promos & Fall Harvest

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 vegetable basket harvest gardenMost of you have probably noticed - summer fruits and vegetables are slowly disappearing.

Along with the disappearance of “hot temp” produce like strawberries, cherries, zucchini, summer squash, and watermelon, are summer temperatures. 

This may sadden some, but look on the bright side, autumn is here. You know what that means - mild temperatures, which create the perfect growing conditions for fall vegetables. 

It’s time to consider menu changes, and start implementing all of those hearty vegetables, such as parsnips, gourds, swiss chard, and sweet potatoes, as well as colorful fruits like pears, kumquats, apples, and pomegranates. 

As colder temps descend on us, diners will yearn for comfort foods - soups, chilis, stews, lasagnas, pot pies, and mac & cheese, risotto, and grilled cheese varieties. All packed with nature’s autumn gifts. 

If you’re preparing to revamp your menu, and stock up on inventory, you’ve come to the right place. Foodservice Promos is your one-stop shop for (FREE) valuable, foodservice rebates. 

Whether you need baked goods and seafood to accompany your fall menu, or tabletop equipment and supplies, Foodservice Promos has you covered. 

Login to your account or create a FREE account at and begin downloading money-saving rebates.

Thursday, 17 August 2017 16:44

The Food Bowl Trend, Will It Ever End?

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noodle 2509040 1920Food bowls have been around for quite sometime. Think soups, salads, breakfast cereals, and desserts - everyday American food. But, a change took place in late 2015 into 2016. 

Now in 2017, “bowls” aka “Buddha Bowls”, are a super trend with no end in sight. 

From domestic kitchens and food trucks to fast casual and fine-dining restaurants, there has been rapid adoption of bowls. This is possibly due to a few factors - unlimited customization possibilities, versatility, portability, and the ability for operators to leverage bowls as healthy alternatives. 

Bowls are typically loaded with tons of leafy greens; a variety of root and cruciferous veggies, peppers, and fruits; specialty grains, pastas, noodles, and beans; 

berries 1846085 1920

proteins such as, chicken, beef, seafood, tofu; cheeses, nuts, seeds; accompanying sauces and condiments, and whatever else consumers can think of. 

King & Prince has their finger on the pulse, offering a very valuable rebate. Save up to $500 on seafood products that will add life to your establishment’s bowl offerings, or your menu in general.  

To take advantage of this offer, visit and login into your account (or sign up for FREE) to access the download.

This OFFER ENDS August 31, 2017 (must be postmarked by September 30, 2017).

Lobster Sensations Seasoned 004600Seafood continues to take center stage, along with small plates. It may be said that the days of huge plates and giant cuts of steak are over.

People are more health conscious than ever before, which means they are searching for the seafood section on your menu, as well as your small plate options.

Liven up your menu offerings with versatility. Choose seasonal seafood, and varieties that can be grilled, baked, fried, broiled, or consumed raw. Then, let the creativity begin.

We, FoodservicePromos and King & Prince have teamed up to bring you a delightful offer to help transform your menu and convert your customers into seafood lovers.

Save up to $500 with King & Prince’s Sensations® Food Truck rebate offer. Made with quality ingredients and natural flavors, King & Prince’s products will inspire you to long-lasting favorites.

To take advantage of this offer, visit and login into your account (or sign up for FREE) to access the download.

This offer ends August 31, 2017 (must be postmarked by September 30, 2017).

Mondelez OreoRecipeContest OREOPizza 4 1Everyone loves Oreos right? 

Who can resist Nabisco’s (a division of Mondelēz International) sweet crème-filled, chocolate sandwich cookies? 

Introduced over 100 years ago, Oreo is one of the best-selling cookies in the United States, with several varieties. Some of the more notable varieties include: Double Stuf Oreo, Oreo Mini, Oreo Thins, and Chocolate Oreo, along with a number of limited edition releases. 

Well, get ready to create your very own Oreo combination for all to try! Enter the 2017 OREO® Cookie Recipe contest (deadline August 15, 2017). Why? Because every establishment deserves a menu item featuring Oreos. 

All professional chefs, foodservice owners, and operators are eligible to submit up to 2 original recipes that prominently feature an OREO product. The recipes can be a dessert, a snack, a main dish or drink, and can serve 1 or more. 

If you’re lucky enough to win, the Grand Prize is: $3,000; one year’s supply of OREO® Cookie Pieces (1 case per/mo. of medium cookie pieces- 2.5lbs. bag for 12-mos.); winning recipe name with photo featured in print and online in Nation’s Restaurant News, Food Management and Restaurant Hospitality and Mondelēz International Foodservice website. 

Check out the in-depth contest details and the official rules before entering. 

Good luck!!

Fourth of July celebrations are just around the corner, which means we’re all preparing for resounding booms and magical sparkles of fireworks.

More importantly, we’re preparing for time spent with family and friends, whether in bars, restaurants, or in the backyard. Of course, that means somewhere along the line, there will be good FOOD – seemingly the main focus of any gathering.

IMG 0049 1190x542

Sure, burgers, hotdogs, fruit and potato salads, chips, dips, and pies and cobblers are the norm, but why not change things up? This year, show the protein of the sea a little love. King & Prince has an array of recipes to satisfy the taste buds of any guest.

A couple of Foodservice Promos favorites are the Vietnamese Pollock Spring Rolls and Lobster Seafood Poutine, but don’t take our word for it. Check out their Culinary Center and choose your own favorites. While you’re at it, download the King & Prince $500 Sensations® Food Truck rebate offer (max rebate amount) by logging into your account (or sign up for FREE).

This offer ends August 31, 2017 (must be postmarked by September 30, 2017).

Friday, 16 June 2017 09:19

Summer Edibles With Président Cheese

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grapes brieSome of the things we all associated with summertime include the beach, road trips, grills, picnic tables, and entertaining.

What does entertaining entail? Close friends, family, and loved ones, along with good music, conversations, and awesome FOOD! Yes, the emphasis is on food. After all, food brings people together, no matter the occasion or the venue.

Because the summertime can bring extreme temperatures, oftentimes people look for quick and/or light dishes and appetizers.  In addition, people tend to be more mobile during the heated months, so they’re on the lookout for finger foods, as well.

Whether you’re the owner of a wine bar or have an extensive wine list as part of your drink menu (we won’t leave out home chefs, either), Président Cheese has scrumptious summery recipes, featuring their award-winning Brie, to excite your customers. Check out a few of our favorites below.

Président Brie & Quince Jam Tartine


1 whole wedge Président Brie (or Triple Crème Brie)

4 whole slices whole grain bread

3 whole figs, fresh or dried

1 package jar quince jam
1 cup arugula
1 tbsp toasted cacao nibs


Toast whole grain bread
Spread quince jam on toasted bread.

Slice Président Brie wedge into bite-size pieces.

Place Brie on quince jam.

Slice figs and add atop Brie slices.
Top with arugula and cacao nibs.

Slice diagonally to serve.

Baked Brie & Fresh Grape Leaves


1 9oz package Président Brie round

3 whole fresh grape leaves, or 1 jar of grape leaves

1/2 cup toasted walnuts, chopped

10 whole red grapes

10 whole green grapes

1 tbsp Shiso


Lay two cuts of butcher’s twine in cross pattern, each about 20” long.

berries brie

Place grape leaves atop twine, overlapping.

Place Président Brie round on top of grape leaves. Fold grape leaves over top of Brie round, covering it entirely. Tie butcher’s twine to hold in place.

Bake at 375°F until warm, approximately 8-10 minutes.

While Brie is baking, quarter grapes lengthwise.

Mix grapes, shiso and walnuts in small bowl. Toss to combine.

Top leaf-wrapped Brie with grapes, shiso and walnuts.

Slice in wedges and serve.

Fruit Skewers with Brie


1/2 Président Brie Log peeled

3 Strawberries cut in half

1/2 Peach

Salt and Pepper

pinch Sugar diced small cubes

2 tbsp Canola Oil

2 Wooden Skewers


Pre heat grill on medium high. Preheat oven broiler.

Destem strawberries.

Combine peach, oil, dash salt, pepper and sugar.

Grill peach on both sides to make grill marks (approximately 5 minutes)

On the skewers, alternate 1/2 strawberry, 1 piece of peach, 1/2 strawberry, peach, strawberry, etc. Place a 1” by 1/2” slice of brie on each piece of strawberry. Melt under broiler in oven.

Arrange on platter and garnish with a sprig of rosemary. If desired, drizzle with balsamic glaze.

Introduce your customers to Président cheese with our money-saving rebate offer. To download the offer, simply login to your account or sign up for FREE. This offer ends June 30, 2017 (must be postmarked by July 31, 2017).

crabskewerSummer officially begins mid-June, although for most of us, Memorial Day weekend is the kickoff. And what does Memorial Day mean – months of great food! Not to mention, sun, fun, and beaches.

The thing is, everyone is on-the-go during the summer, so light, sharable, finger food is most sought-after; think “street food” and food truck fare. While grilled burgers, hot dogs, and ribs are summer staples, they’re boring. But, you can’t argue with tradition, right? Wrong!

This summer, introduce a few new mainstays to your menu, using the protein of the sea.  

King & Prince has introduced their new Sensations® seafood line; a top-quality, sustainably sourced shellfish and premium seafood line that can be transformed into creative and unique portable, sharable edibles – the drivers of the latest nationwide food trend.

According to a recent King & Prince whitepaper, the trends of communal tables and small plates have fueled the 2017 trend of shareable meals. Further, 79% of customers lobsterpoutineorder shareable meals, making it easier to try multiple menu items at once.

If you’re ready to launch your food truck (not that it’s necessary), are taking part in summer food festivals, or simply looking excite the palates of your customers, King & Prince has a great, money-saving rebate on their Sensations® line.

To download this offer and save up to $500 on lobster, scallop, crab, and seafood Sensations®, login to your account or sign up for FREE. This offer ends August 31, 2017 (must be postmarked by September 30, 2017).