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kp lent 2018 recipe web images 1192x542 lobster toastSpring is just around the corner, which means it’s time to clean house!

In other words, it’s time to re-evaluate your menu, omit low-selling items, and replace them with new and exciting dishes.

With consumers being more health-conscious than ever before, perhaps you should consider protein alternatives such as fish and seafood. Especially during the month of March, as many are observing Lent.

Some interesting stats that may drive your decision include (King & Prince Seafood, All Aboard Lent whitepaper, 2018):

  • 63% of consumers consider seafood to be healthier
  • 65% of consumers eat seafood at least occasionally
  • 30k social media posts feature seafood in March, at the start of lent

Given those numbers, it’s only one thing to do - seize the opportunity.

Attract new diners and "wow" your regulars by menuing healthful, flavorful seafood items. This will not only boost your revenue, you will win over consumers seeking flavorful, nutritional meals.

Below, you will find a few tips to help you lure diners using the “protein of the sea” - seafood.

Create Excitement

Offer limited time promotions and incentives to encourage health-conscious diners to visit your establishment, and try your new seafood entrees. Another strategic way to create buzz is to involve your regulars - create a survey allowing them to offer their input on new seafood menu options. Make them feel like they are a part of your restaurant family.

Innovation Is Key

kp lent 2018 recipe web images 1192x542 pan cod

Think culinary mash-ups. Pair various ingredients to create palate-stimulating flavors and textures. Take a simple, familiar dish, one that your diners are comfortable with, then add seafood and a little twist.

Variety and Experimentation

There is a plethora of seafood choices to experiment with - salmon, shrimp, clams, mussels, crab…and the list goes on and on. While those mentioned are very common, why not incite adventure? Take things a step further and choose unfamiliar fish and seafood to capture the attention of your diners.

Tell All

With the heightened urge “to know”, consumers are curious about their food - the backstory, where it came from, how it was raised, and any health benefits. Become well-versed about the foods you serve, and share that knowledge with your diners.

In hopes these tips will help you increase traffic and sales, the bottom line is this - the goal is to create great-tasting food to keep your diners happy, old and new.

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kp lent 2018 recipe web images 1192x542 krabbycake saladTechnically lasting 46 days, Lent is just around the corner, beginning February 14, this year.

While Lent is still a mystery to many, it’s one of the greatest and most solemn periods of fasting, from both food and festivities, on the Christian church’s calendar.

It’s a season of preparation and reflection, all leading up to the celebration of Christianity’s greatest feast day - Easter.

People who observe Lent break their fast on Sunday and celebrate the feast. Although people observe Lent in various ways, most commonly people abstain from meat and meat products, and opt for seafood - fish and fish products.

There are several religious and historically related reasons why observers eat fish during Lent, but let’s focus on its nutritional aspects and versatility.

Fish is a great high-quality protein alternative, packed with vitamins and minerals. Moreover, it’s low in saturated fats and in total calories. Additionally, fish can be prepared in a number of ways including, but not limited to, poaching, grilling, frying, baking, and even uncooked. It can be cured by pickling, smoking, andkp lent 2018 recipe web images 1192x542 tempura shrimp marinating.

As we typically do, we’re encouraging all of you restaurant owners and chefs to consider tweaking your menu, just a little.

We have an awesome rebate offer from one of the largest seafood companies in the United States - King & Prince Seafood, that’s perfect for the Lenten season. From Haddock filets to seafood crab cakes, Lent-observing diners will be on the lookout for seafood alternatives, and you should be prepared to accommodate them.

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kp1It’s time to discuss a few seafood trends we’re likely to see this year, as we have a new and exciting King & Prince promotion to share with you! But first, a little background.

Seafood, otherwise known as the “protein of the sea”, is deliciously healthy, versatile, and a great addition to any menu. It provides rich vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids, serves as a high-quality protein alternative, and it’s low in saturated fats.

What’s more, seafood ranked as the top-growth center-of-plate option, beating out chicken, pork, ground beef, and turkey in 2017.

As for American diners, 62% consume seafood in a causal dining restaurant at least once a month, while 36% are completely satisfied with seafood options in U.S. casual dining chains. (Source: Statista: U.S Seafood Industry - Statistics & Facts) 

What does that say about seafood?

It says two things: 1) seafood is and remains a favored dining selection and 2) it has the potential to add a new dimension to your guests’ dining experience (while also boosting profits).

With that said, let’s take a look at a few 2018 trends (Datassential: Seafood Keynote report via SeafoodSource), some of which are non-traditional.

  1. Adventurous palates: While tuna and salmon continue the top most wanted list, consumers are ready to spread their wings and fly beyond their comfort zone. Restaurant operators are encouraged to offer dishes that host unfamiliar species of fish and shellfish.
  2. Versatility leads the mornings: Seafood is finding its way onto our breakfast and brunch plates. It’s so versatile, you will likely see it replace sausage and bacon in some faved dishes. For instance, salmon may be used in a frittata or scallops may be featured, instead of bacon, on a “scallop, egg, and cheese biscuit”.
  3. Slight growth: Midscale and casual restaurants are seeing a spike in the demand for seafood. According to Datassential, fish penetration rose 2% at casual restaurants and 1% at midscale eateries.kp2
  4. Supplier dependability: When it comes to researching sustainability practices, the numbers are surprisingly down. With sustainability being of tremendous concern, Datassential found that only 16% of consumers and 21% of restaurant operators consult sustainability guidelines before purchasing seafood. Could the drop in numbers be indicative of both parties relying on the supplier to have sustainable practices?
  5. Fresh to frozen: Nearly half of restaurant operators freeze their fresh fish shipments. It may seem counterintuitive, given that fresh seafood is preferred, but freezing seafood directly after harvest at ultra-low temperatures preserve its fresh-caught taste, texture, and nutrients. Seafood Keynote report also acknowledges that freezing may be the result of “difficulty of planning seafood purchases that match customer demand”.

2018 has just begun. Make the most of it by getting your diners excited about seafood. Jump out of your comfort zone and create a random, non-traditional seafood entree.

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NRAHow many of you remember some of the major food trends from last year?

We couldn’t get enough of heirloom fruits and vegetables, not to mention house-made charcuterie boards and artisan cheeses. Remember the house-made sausage craze?

Oh, and let’s not forget the delicious savory desserts that forced us to intentionally save room for indulgence.

Food in 2017 made a great run, but those trends are slipping away to make room for new flavors and concepts.

From hot, new food trends like house-made condiments to exciting food concepts such as farm and estate-branded food items, 2018 is shaping up to be a great year for the culinary world, as well as foodies and even children.

The National Restaurant Association surveyed 700 American Culinary Federation chefs to get a sneak peek of what restaurants and foodservice professionals can expect this year.

There are 161 food trends that have the ability to increase your sales, in addition to creating buzz about your establishment. Out of the hundreds highlighted, here are the top 10 (Source: What’s Hot: Top 10 foods for 2018, December 2017):

  1. Ethnic spices – Curry, peri peri, ras el hanout, shichimi, and harissa are some of the tastes and flavors in demand.
  2. New cuts of meat – Chef’s will likely be using inexpensive cuts of meat that are packed with flavor and are grill-friendly. These cuts include, shoulder tender, Vegas strip and a Merlot cut.
  3. Authentic-ethnic cuisine – 2018 will bring the exploration of global cuisine and ethnic foods.
  4. House-made condiments – Consumers’ may see their food topped with condiments such as malt vinegar aioli and other inspired combinations.
    spices 448
  5. Uncommon herbs – Chefs are gearing up to expose their patrons to herbs such as, lovage, lemon balm, and papalo.
  6. Street food-inspired dishes – Be on the look out for tempura, kabobs, dumplings, and pupusas.
  7. Vegetable carb substitutes – Food items like cauliflower rice and zucchini spaghetti are an example of what’s to come – low-carb vegetable substitutes for bread, rice, and pasta.
  8. Ethnic-inspired breakfast foods – Breakfast menus may be tweaked to include such ethnic offerings as, chorizo scrambled eggs and breakfast burritos.
  9. Nutritious kids’ meals – Parents can look forward to choosing more nutritious foods and dishes that are inclusive of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.
  10. Sustainable seafood – This has been a growing trend over the last few years, and continues into 2018. 

For an in-depth look 2018’s food trends, concepts, and categories, click here for National Restaurant Association’s culinary forecast.

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President Logo with tagline BLACK 72DPIThis is the perfect time of year for restaurants to catch the attention of diners, both new and old. The holiday season brings friends, families, and colleagues together for celebratory parties, gatherings, and dinners, which is advantageous for restaurants.

While serving traditional holiday entrées is the norm and much appreciated, more people look forward to indulging in dessert because
“it’s the holidays!” It can be the highlight of the meal.

And what better dessert than CHEESE! Yes, dessert cheese plates!

As their popularity continues to soar in the U.S., more and more restaurants are adhering to the trend, by adding an array of cheese plates and accouterments to their menus.

Did you know…?

According to Dataessential, cheese plates have a menu growth rate of 47%. In other words, adding cheese assortments to your menu is almost a no-brainer.

People will make room to indulge in dessert if it’s a communal effort and there are others to pick up the slack. According to Technomic, 43% are inclined to share desserts.

If you’re tempted to add dessert cheese plates to your menu, but don’t know where to start, we’ve got your covered.

Président Cheese offers great tips and wonderful cheese plate recipes your patrons will be sure to love.

For starters, there are two general pairing rules:

Dessert Cheese Plate 72DPI min

-       Milk chocolate pairs well with sweet, buttery cheeses like Brie

-       Darker, less sweet chocolates pair well with aged, complex cheeses

Now, on to pairings and your menu.

Président’s chef, Warren Katz suggests the following crowd-pleasing dessert cheese plate pairings:

  • Président Goat Cheese, which is a soft, smooth, dense cheese is ideal to start off a dessert cheese platter. Pair the goat cheese with a milk chocolate cranberry
    bark, sprinkled with cocoa power to complement the tangy flavor.
  • Président Triple Crème Brie is a rich cheese with a buttery flavor and a velvety texture. Semi-sweet chocolate infused with orange liqueur is the perfect accompaniment to the Brie.
  • Président iSTARA P’tit Basque is a sheep’s milk, semi-hard cheese with a surprisingly creamy texture. It combines perfectly with semi-sweet chocolates. Chef Katz advises pairing the P’tit Basque with a semi-chocolate mousse topped with basil, which has just enough bitterness to offset the tartness of the sheep’s milk.

For more pairing ideas and a great visual, take a moment to watch the Président’s Dessert Cheese Plate video.

Whether serving Président’s smooth, buttery Brie or more complex cheeses, offering dessert cheese plates has the potential to increase your revenue, as well as impress and attract new diners.

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krabby tostadaMost Americans associate lowering temps with the holidays, namely Christmas and New Years.

And when we think about holidays, we think about celebrating with our family and friends – gatherings, parties, and family dinners filled with fun, laughter, and lots of food.

Essentially, this is a great opportunity for restaurants to lure diners. The combination of the holidays and cold weather tends to make people want to be inside, inside of your restaurant.

This creates the perfect conditions for restaurants to tweak their menu, and elevate their patrons’ holiday dining experience by introducing tasty unique food items.

Seafood is just the answer.

krabby grilled cheese

According to Statista, 62% of American diners consume seafood in a causal dining restaurant at least once a month. Furthermore, 36% of U.S. customers are completely satisfied with seafood options in U.S. casual dining chains.

A delicious blend of real snow crab, seasonings, premium seafood, fresh cream and real butter, Mrs. Friday’s® Krabbycakes are versatile, easy to cook, and lend to severaldifferent appetizers and entrées.

If you’re looking to experiment with your menu, try King & Prince’s specialty seafood product, Mrs. Friday’s® Krabbycakes.

For instance, present your diners with the healthy Unbreaded Krabbycakes Tostada appetizer; a crunchy Tostada shell topped with grilled corn and black bean salsa, avocado, and Unbreaded Krabbycakes.

krabby skewers

Another dish your diners will be sure to love is an old favorite with a new twist, the Krabbycakes Grilled Cheese. This entrée presents a bit of nostalgia and satisfies the comfort food craving we all experience during the colder months.

Let’s not forget about another fan favorite, skewers. The Fried Krabbycakes Skewers with pineapple, mango, watermelon, and red bell pepper is a great appetizer.

While these dishes are a stray from the traditionally served glazed ham and yams, seafood has the ability to become the new mainstay at holiday parties and dinners.

Shake things up this holiday season and try King & Prince’s Krabbycakes. Take advantage of their latest rebate, worth up to $500.

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PB sept 26 whiteWinter is here, and it’s ushering in with it, cold temps and the urge to eat comfort foods. Not to mention some of the most entertainment-filled holidays – Christmas and New Years. 

This is the perfect time for restaurants to prepare for gatherings, parties, and celebrations. It’s also a great time to exploit those distinctive winter flavors we love so much, like peppermint, apple, ginger, and citrus.

How to do this, you might ask. Assess your menu - tweak and/or add relevant, seasonal food items. Also, review your historical data. You may find a few “best sellers” that are worthy of being repeated.

It’s a festive time, as people, your guests, prepare for Christmas and New Years parties. This means you have to accommodate them by offering tasteful, accessible, and seasonally consistent foods. 

After all, holiday parties are about good food and good company. There’s no time for heavy, “sit down” foods and entrées. Your guests are likely walking around and conversing with others so convenient, informal options are key.

Your offerings should include hors d’oeuvres and finger foods such as, various dumplings with dipping sauces, flavorful croquettes, mini pies stuffed with meats and seasonal vegetables, and mini burgers and sliders. 

Your guests may also enjoy an assortment of cakes and rolls (ie. potato and scallion cakes, spring rolls) topped with savory sauces, appetizing skewers, variations of bruschetta, and seafood like, shrimp, scallops, and oysters.

Let’s not forget cheese plates!

Yes, cheese plates and accouterments, such as fresh fruits, jams or compotes, nuts, pickled vegetables, and condiments are a huge hit among partygoers. 

Did you know, since 2007, cheese plates have a menu growth rate of 47% (Source: Datassential MenuTrends October 2017)? This means that adding cheese plates to your menu, especially during the holiday season, can boost your bottom line, attract new diners, and impress your regulars. 

If you’re ready to execute, get started with Président holiday cheese selections. Experiment with the European cheese plate, in which Président Brie is accompanied by apricot preserves. According to Président corporate chef, Warren Katz, “the apricot preserves have just enough acidity to cut though the richness of the brie and gives a nice contrast to flavor.”

Click here for more delicious European-sque pairings featuring Président cheeses. 

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Once thought of as a closed-door holiday, Thanksgiving now lures crowds of diners to their favorite restaurants. More and more, people are deciding to forego home-cooking for convenience, as they opt to gather with their friends and loved ones outside of the home.

Just last year, the National Restaurant Association’s online survey found that 1 in 10 consumers plan to dine out for Thanksgiving, while 1 in 20 will purchase a full holiday takeout meal for home celebration. (Source: National Restaurant Association, November 2016).

What this means for your – one word, PREPARATION. Now is the time to prepare your staff, your establishment, and your inventory to meet the demands of your coming holiday crowds.

Below are Foodservice Promo’s suggestions to help you do just that. 

Start advertising: Begin marketing your restaurant as the place to be for Thanksgiving. Get the word out that your establishment will be open and ready to serve your customers. Promote any special menu offers, Thanksgiving amenities, to-go options, catering availability, as well as available banquet rooms. START encouraging and taking reservations NOW.

Use social media, online ads, word of mouth, flyers, mobile marketing, and email marketing as vehicles of promotion.

Tweak your menu or create a separate holiday menu: Offer the classics that are non-negotiable such as turkey (of course), stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. Play on the “nostalgic” emotion.

One thing to keep in mind, though, stay true to the heart of your restaurant. For instance, if you’re a steakhouse, don’t stray away from serving what your restaurant is known for. Every diner is not going to want “holiday” food, so offer specific dishes from your traditional menu.

Plan to transform your restaurant using holiday décor: Remember, diners are opting to spend their holiday in your establishment; add festive, seasonal touches to your dining room. Holiday music, fall colors, gourds, wreath arrangements, smells of cinnamon and apple spice, are just a few ideas that will bring “home” to your restaurant. 

Assess and plan to order more inventory than usual: Take notice of your historical holiday dining data and forecast the amount of inventory necessary to feed all of your diners. Think about the dishes that have sold well in years past, and carefully plan for new dishes you’ll be offering. While food waste is not ideal, you don’t want the issue of running out of food items, especially if your diners are requesting them.

Use free services like Foodservice Promos to find and download money-saving rebates to keep your holiday costs to a minimum. Just create an account and start downloading.  

Prepare for the rush: Your staff is key to making the machine run smoothly. Without them, you might as well close for the day. Make sure you have enough staff on deck to handle the increase in dining guests. Again, consult your historical data and schedule staff based on your findings. Resist the temptation to overstaff, and be sure not to understaff.

Additionally, keep your staff happy. Employee appreciation is a must all year long, but it’s particularly important during the busiest time of year – the holidays, to ensure good customer service. Perhaps offer monetary incentives, gift cards, or even host an employee holiday party, either before or after the holiday rush.

Bonus – Offer a Thanksgiving promotion: Add value to your promotion instead of offering discounts. Meaning, offer a free glass of wine or champagne with the purchase of dessert; offer a 2 for 1 dessert special; or even a free dessert with the purchase of a bottle of wine or champagne.  

Customers will be extra alert when it comes to mistakes, so it’s important to take the time to plan and carefully execute the plan to ensure your customers’ holiday is a holiday that you’d want.

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President Brie Wheel Plain 1kg 72DPIThe holiday season is thee, or at least one of the busiest times of year for restaurants and bars.

From Halloween in October to New Year’s day, both holidays present a great opportunity to increase your bottom line through the promotion of menu specials such as dessert cheeses and holiday-inspired drinks, and utilizing your space for company holiday parties and gatherings.

Holiday parties offer major benefits, including but not limited to, attracting new customers, catering to existing clientele, building relationships with local businesses, and providing an opportunity to experiment with your menu. Remember that this is the season for autumn flavors and fall harvest produce.

You can’t go wrong with seasonal soups and stews stocked with hearty fall root veggies such as carrots, parsnips, turnips and potatoes. Don’t forget the earthy autumn spices we all crave – cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and allspice.

Soups, stews, chilis, and casseroles are great to have on your menu, but not suitable for holiday parties; people at parties are likely moving around. They’re looking for appetizers and finger-foods - something they can eat while moving around, like tarts, bites, pies, and croquettes. Also, cheese plates are huge!

According to IRI (latest 52 weeks ending Oct. 30, 2016), Brie exhibited a strong seasonal sales increase during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

A great example is Président Brie’s Autumn Cheese platewhere corporate chef, Warren Katz paired Président Triple Crème Brie with Mushroom Ragout. Chef Katz said, “A classic pairing with mushrooms is cream. Nothing is more creamy than our Président Triple Crème Brie.”

Now that you have a few ideas for your menu, it’s time to make moves to increase foot traffic and promote your venue space as the place to be this holiday season.

Here are a few actionable tips to keep your venue filled throughout the holidays.

  • Start advertising early. Halloween is here, but now is the time to start promoting events,
  • Offer special catering services. Besides company parties, there are several types of celebrations taking place during this time of year, including engagements, weddings, baby showers, and family gatherings.
  • Offer and promote the purchase of gift cards to your establishment.
  • Throw and promote a holiday party for your restaurant. This will create buzz and afford diners, existing and potential, the perfect opportunity to get an up close and personal look at your venue, meet your staff, try menu items, and sample beverages.

If you’re interested in adding cheese plates to your holiday menu, head over to (login or create a FREE account) and download the money-saving Président Brie rebate. Save $4 on every case - up to $500! – on the #1 brand of Brie in France and the U.S.

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King and Prince, and Foodservice Promos are celebrating seafood during the entire month of October! 

Aside from those looking for protein alternatives, many people simply love seafood, whether fish, oysters, or crab. It’s deliciously healthy, versatile, and a great addition to any menu. 

Furthermore, adding seafood items to your offerings can add a new dimension to your guests’ dining experience, attract new diners, as well as boost IMG 5648 Edit 1192x542profits. 

If you’re ready to “spruce” up your menu, there’s no better time than now to head over to and download two fantastic King and Prince rebate offers - both worth up to $500. 

The first rebate, specifically in celebration of National Seafood Month, will save you up to $500 on a variety of seafood items, including fish, shrimp, crab cakes, calamari, and Mrs. Friday's® items. This rebate ends November 15, 2017 (must be postmarked by December 15, 2017). 

The second rebate will save you up to $500 on the original Mrs. Friday's® Krabbycakes® - a succulent blend of premium crab cakes, real butter, fresh cream, and real snow crab. Krabbycakes® lend to a variety of creative menu ideas, such as Krabbycake® Grilled Cheese, Krabby Waffle Benedict, and Fried Krabbycakes® Skewers. This rebate ends December 31, 2017 (must be postmarked by January 31, 2018). 

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