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Fourth of July celebrations are just around the corner, which means we’re all preparing for resounding booms and magical sparkles of fireworks.

More importantly, we’re preparing for time spent with family and friends, whether in bars, restaurants, or in the backyard. Of course, that means somewhere along the line, there will be good FOOD – seemingly the main focus of any gathering.

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Sure, burgers, hotdogs, fruit and potato salads, chips, dips, and pies and cobblers are the norm, but why not change things up? This year, show the protein of the sea a little love. King & Prince has an array of recipes to satisfy the taste buds of any guest.

A couple of Foodservice Promos favorites are the Vietnamese Pollock Spring Rolls and Lobster Seafood Poutine, but don’t take our word for it. Check out their Culinary Center and choose your own favorites. While you’re at it, download the King & Prince $500 Sensations® Food Truck rebate offer (max rebate amount) by logging into your account (or sign up for FREE).

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Summer Edibles With Président Cheese

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grapes brieSome of the things we all associated with summertime include the beach, road trips, grills, picnic tables, and entertaining.

What does entertaining entail? Close friends, family, and loved ones, along with good music, conversations, and awesome FOOD! Yes, the emphasis is on food. After all, food brings people together, no matter the occasion or the venue.

Because the summertime can bring extreme temperatures, oftentimes people look for quick and/or light dishes and appetizers.  In addition, people tend to be more mobile during the heated months, so they’re on the lookout for finger foods, as well.

Whether you’re the owner of a wine bar or have an extensive wine list as part of your drink menu (we won’t leave out home chefs, either), Président Cheese has scrumptious summery recipes, featuring their award-winning Brie, to excite your customers. Check out a few of our favorites below.

Président Brie & Quince Jam Tartine


1 whole wedge Président Brie (or Triple Crème Brie)

4 whole slices whole grain bread

3 whole figs, fresh or dried

1 package jar quince jam
1 cup arugula
1 tbsp toasted cacao nibs


Toast whole grain bread
Spread quince jam on toasted bread.

Slice Président Brie wedge into bite-size pieces.

Place Brie on quince jam.

Slice figs and add atop Brie slices.
Top with arugula and cacao nibs.

Slice diagonally to serve.

Baked Brie & Fresh Grape Leaves


1 9oz package Président Brie round

3 whole fresh grape leaves, or 1 jar of grape leaves

1/2 cup toasted walnuts, chopped

10 whole red grapes

10 whole green grapes

1 tbsp Shiso


Lay two cuts of butcher’s twine in cross pattern, each about 20” long.

berries brie

Place grape leaves atop twine, overlapping.

Place Président Brie round on top of grape leaves. Fold grape leaves over top of Brie round, covering it entirely. Tie butcher’s twine to hold in place.

Bake at 375°F until warm, approximately 8-10 minutes.

While Brie is baking, quarter grapes lengthwise.

Mix grapes, shiso and walnuts in small bowl. Toss to combine.

Top leaf-wrapped Brie with grapes, shiso and walnuts.

Slice in wedges and serve.

Fruit Skewers with Brie


1/2 Président Brie Log peeled

3 Strawberries cut in half

1/2 Peach

Salt and Pepper

pinch Sugar diced small cubes

2 tbsp Canola Oil

2 Wooden Skewers


Pre heat grill on medium high. Preheat oven broiler.

Destem strawberries.

Combine peach, oil, dash salt, pepper and sugar.

Grill peach on both sides to make grill marks (approximately 5 minutes)

On the skewers, alternate 1/2 strawberry, 1 piece of peach, 1/2 strawberry, peach, strawberry, etc. Place a 1” by 1/2” slice of brie on each piece of strawberry. Melt under broiler in oven.

Arrange on platter and garnish with a sprig of rosemary. If desired, drizzle with balsamic glaze.

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crabskewerSummer officially begins mid-June, although for most of us, Memorial Day weekend is the kickoff. And what does Memorial Day mean – months of great food! Not to mention, sun, fun, and beaches.

The thing is, everyone is on-the-go during the summer, so light, sharable, finger food is most sought-after; think “street food” and food truck fare. While grilled burgers, hot dogs, and ribs are summer staples, they’re boring. But, you can’t argue with tradition, right? Wrong!

This summer, introduce a few new mainstays to your menu, using the protein of the sea.  

King & Prince has introduced their new Sensations® seafood line; a top-quality, sustainably sourced shellfish and premium seafood line that can be transformed into creative and unique portable, sharable edibles – the drivers of the latest nationwide food trend.

According to a recent King & Prince whitepaper, the trends of communal tables and small plates have fueled the 2017 trend of shareable meals. Further, 79% of customers lobsterpoutineorder shareable meals, making it easier to try multiple menu items at once.

If you’re ready to launch your food truck (not that it’s necessary), are taking part in summer food festivals, or simply looking excite the palates of your customers, King & Prince has a great, money-saving rebate on their Sensations® line.

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image002When it comes to cheese, Président reigns supreme.

With decades of experience in French cheesemaking, parent company Lactalis launched a line of Président brand cheeses, which started with Camembert and Brie.

These products, crafted with artisanal methods and state-of-the-art efficiencies, set the brand’s golden standard and continues to be the foundation of the brand.

What started with Camembert and Brie has grown to include such varieties as Roquefort, Manchego, Feta, P’tit Basque, Chèvre, Swiss, and gourmet spreads.

Satisfying the diverse tastes of people all across the world, Président cheeses have earned their bragging rights, along with several awards from the American Cheese Society, among other accolades.

2016 - American Cheese Society

Awarded: Gold, Silver, and Bronze

Categories: Soft-ripened Cheeses, Flavored Cheese, & Brie Cheese

Cheeses: Président Triple Crème Brie Round & Président Cut & Wrap Brie Wedge w/Herbs


2016 - World Dairy Expo Contest

Awarded: Gold,

Categories: Open Class Cheese

Cheeses: Président Triple Crème Brie Round

2015 - American Cheese Society

Awarded: Gold

Categories: Brie Cheese

Cheeses: Président Triple Crème Brie Round

2015 - Guild of Fine Foods World Champion Cheese Awards in London

Awarded: Gold

Categories: Brie Cheese

2015 - United States Cheese Championship

Awarded: Silver

Categories: Reduced Fat Cheese w/Flavor

Cheeses: Brie Cheese

2015 - US Championship Cheese Contest (Wisconsin Cheese Makers Assoc. Awards)

Triple Creme Brie Quince Jam Tartine

Awarded: Bronze

Categories: Spreadable Cheese

Cheeses: Brie Cheese

2014 - American Cheese Society

Awarded: Gold, Silver, and Bronze

Categories: Brie Cheese, Triple Crème

Cheeses: Président Cut & Wrap Brie Wedge w/Herbs & Brie Cheese & Brie Cheese

2014 - American Culinary Chefs Best

Awarded: Gold, Silver, and Bronze

Categories: Best Taste in Brie Cheese

Cheeses: Brie Cheese

2013 - American Cheese Society

Awarded: Silver

Categories: Soft-ripened flavored

Cheeses: Président Foil Brie Wedge w/Herbs

2013 - US Championship Cheese Contest (Wisconsin Cheese Makers Assoc. Awards)

Awarded: Gold

Categories: Reduced Fat Soft & Semi-soft Cheese

Cheeses: Président Brie Round Light 

2012 - American Cheese Society

Awarded: Gold

Categories: Camembert

Cheeses: Président Camembert

2012 - World Championship Cheese Contest (Wisconsin Cheese Makers Assoc. Awards)

Awarded: Gold

Categories: Brie Cheese

Cheeses: Brie Cheese

While these are just a few of the many accomplishments, it goes without saying, the flavor and performance of Président cheeses are both unique and recognizable.

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President Logo with tagline RED 72DPIBrie, one of the most renowned French cheeses in the world, is versatile and packed with intense flavor, especially those crafted by Président Cheese.

With its oozy soft interior and tasty rind, some cheese lovers prefer to eat Brie as is, with crackers, apples, or use it as an ingredient in a recipe. But, pairing cheese with other flavors can go so much further.  

Oftentimes, cheese is thought best to be paired with wine, while foods such as, nuts, starches, proteins, and vegetables are sometimes an afterthought. But food can heighten anyone’s experience with his or her favorite cheese – in this case, Brie. 

When pairing foods with cheese, the goal should be to highlight, equally, both elements. In an ideal world, the flavors should accentuate rather than overpower the cheese itself. Likewise, cheeses shouldn't overwhelm what you choose as accompaniments.

If you have some Brie on hand and want to step out of your comfort zone, check out Président Cheese’s Brie Pairing chart below and live a little. Your customers will thank you! 

Need to purchase Brie? We’ve teamed up with Président Cheese to bring you a money-saving rebate. To download the offer, simply login to your account or sign up for FREE. This offer ends June 30, 2017 (must be postmarked by July 31, 2017).

brie pair

President Logo with tagline BLACK 72DPIWhen you think of spring, what comes to mind? Perhaps you think about sunshine, blue skies, and the occasional thunderstorm. Or maybe warm weather pops into your mind.

Sure, the elements of nature likely flood your thoughts, but others may think FOOD; multi-colored Spring fruits and vegetables at farmers markets and produce stands, and the aroma of hot dogs and hamburgers sizzling on a hot grill.

Can you guess what else people love about Spring? CHEESE! Yes, springtime is for cheese lovers.

Remember nature’s elements mentioned above? When working together, they produce bright green, more flavorful and abundant pastures for animals to graze on. Those fulfilling pastures not only affect the quality of milk produced, they also affect the quality of the cheese – the milk of the animals gets richer, with a higher fat content.

PB edited

Now that we’ve piqued your interest, let’s talk about the soft cow’s cheese that’s perfect for the springtime – Brie.

Brie, aka “The Queen of Cheeses”, according to, is named after the French region Brie, in which it originated. The runny, soft-ripened cheese is awesome, no matter how you slice, melt, or spread it.

Brie is so versatile. It can be dressed up to adorn a cheese platter, be the center of attention in a puff pastry, or turned into a late-night snack that you can’t seem to resist. But the fun doesn’t stop there.

Foodservice Promos has teamed with Président Cheese, the #1 brand of Brie in France, to bring you three gourmet recipes, as well as a money-saving rebate worth up to $500.

Click here to view or print any one of the following recipes - Grilled Président Brie w/Saba & Plums, Président Brie, Ham & Fig Sandwich, and Bacon Burger w/ Président Creamy Brie.

We know you’re excited to try these Brie recipes, but don’t forget about the Président Brie Cheese rebate offer. It will save you up to $500 on Président Brie Cheese varieties.

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fish during lent fish fillet 1280px fe1849257b044bffb542033ae836085bLent, once just a four-letter word for restaurant-goers, is no longer oven-baked fish sticks or tuna sandwiches.

Nowadays, the more savvy, transparency-thirsty consumer wants more from their favorite restaurants. Not only do they want quality seafood selections during Lent, they may also have questions about its origin or about its preparation.

Over the past few years, seafood consumption has spiked as a whole and it continues to surge. This is due to a number of factors, including the growing “foodie” community with daring palates and seafood being viewed as a healthier option when compared to other foods. 

Let’s not forget, many people choose seafood for religious reasons, as well.

During the Lenten season, the 46 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter, several restaurants woo their diners with special promotions and limited-time menu features.

A few examples of restaurants offering up seafood for Lent include, but not limited to, Walk-On’s Bistreaux & Bar serving a Ahi Tuna Burger; Tony Mandola’s Gulf Coast Kitchen serving Texas Striped Bass, Quiznos serving a Lobster & Seafood Scampi Bake, and Krystal serving a Shrimp Po’ Boy.

Krystal took it a step further this Lenten season. Teaming up with King & Prince, Krystal is offering a chance to win a grand prize Golden Isles Getaway to the King and Prince Resort and a chance to win 1 of 25 $10 Krystal gift cards. Participants can enter to win when they try the new Shrimp Po’ Boy.

So what do you have in store for your diners this Lenten season?  This is the perfect time to tweak your menu to offer unique seafood alternatives. To get started, download King & Prince’s free e-book and receive a special double down coupon (save up to $1500 on popular King & Prince seafood products) as a gift.

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restaurant alcohol bar drinksOver the past few weeks, we’ve shared info about King & Prince’s latest seafood rebate and how it can be used to enhance your menu during Lent, catering to observers.

Today, we want to speak to seafood, Lent, and engaging 80 million millennials, who continue to shape the food industry, and possess aspending power equaling nearly $200 billion.

Due to their constant use of social and digital media, millennials are one of the most informed consumer groups, as they demand real-time, consistent information about the goods and services they’re interested in purchasing. 

When it comes to restaurants and dining out, millennials eat out more than any other consumer group, and bring along their purchasing power. Not only that, they happily engage with their favorite establishments beyond the dining room.

Check out a few facts from Technomic and Prepared Foods 2016 about this special group, regarding seafood consumption. This and more are included in King & Prince’s new toolkit e-book, designed to help you menu more seafood and capture the millennial generation. 

  • Once a week, 61% eat seafood for dinner.
  • 30% eat more seafood during Lent.
  • 67% consider and choose seafood as a healthier option.
  • 62% are looking for more seafood varieties from restaurants.

This presents a unique opportunity for restaurants to gain the trust of millennials, during Lent and thereafter.

The e-book also contains tips that will help you get millennials through your doors and keep them coming.  

We’ll look at a few below:

  1. Engage them while they’re dining in your establishment. Ask for opinions about your menu, specific entrées, or even ask the for rewards ideas.
  2. Ensure your restaurant information and any communication is up-to-date across all platforms – website, social platforms, review platforms…Also, make sure your website is responsive, having the ability to render correctly, no matter the type of device used.
  3. Provide value by offering deals and running promotions, starting with King & Prince seafood deals. 

It doesn’t stop there. For more menu tips and advice from King & Prince chef Johnny Carino, download your free toolkit, and receive a special double down coupon (save up to $1500 on popular King & Prince seafood products) as a gift. 

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Represent your Region Header A tight deadline is fast approaching for Barilla's "Represent Your Region" contest, but there's still time to enter!

Any U.S. chef can enter the contest for a chance to represent their region by completing the online entry form and submitting it by Feb. 17th.

Those selected to move forward and compete will receive a shipment of Barilla pasta to explore and create an original, regional recipe entry.

Completed recipes must be submitted between Feb. 22nd - March 17th, and will be judged on creativity and presentation.

Winners have the opportunity to receive the following:

  • Chef Garden veggie boxes (semi-finalists)
  • Handmade NORA knife courtesy of Barilla (finalists)
  • A coveted spot on Barilla's annual Modern Casual retreat, taking place at Farmer Lee Jones' Culinary Vegetable Institute in Ohio. (grand prize winner)

Put your region on the map by entering today!

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lent17Starting March 1, 2017, millions of people worldwide will begin observing Lent, a religious tradition starting 40 days before Easter.

Although people celebrate as they see fit, one of the most common practices is abstaining from meat and meat products on Ash Wednesday and all Fridays during Lent.

Instead of meat, many opt for the protein of the sea – fish.

While there are many religious and historically related reasons why observers eat fish during Lent, we’ll focus on the nutritional aspects and its versatility.

Fish (and seafood), also referred to as ‘brain food’, is loaded with high-quality protein, vitamins and minerals, which are vital for a healthy functioning body. Fish is also generally low in saturated fats and in total calories.

Additionally, fish is a very flexible food, as it can be prepared the following ways:

  • Cooked by poaching, grilling, frying, baking and steaming.
  • Cured by pickling, smoking and marinating.
  • Eaten uncooked (sashimi).

In thinking about preparations, as a restaurant owner and/or chef, you should be on getting ready for an influx of requests for fish and seafood entrées during Lent.

This means tweaking your menu, just a little, to accommodate your Lent-observing customers.

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